NLA-International DVP Sponsors

NLA-International DVP Coalition Partners

The NLA-International DVP’s objectives and mission would not be successful without the partnership of mainstream domestic violence organizations who demonstrate a willingness to learn about IPV in BDSM relationships and support the mission statement of the NLA-International DVP. We would like to acknowledge the following coalition partners for a successful collaboration:


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2008-2009 NLA-International DVP Platinum Sponsors

The support we receive from NLA-International DVP Sponsors helps ensure the NLA-International Domestic Violence Project’s continued success. We would like to thank each of our past NLA-International DVP Sponsors for their generous support of domestic violence related issues through NLA-International DVP funding and promotion. Look for the NLA-International DVP Sponsor logos on printed media from some of these individuals/groups:

  • CentralFL_logo

NLA-International Central Florida


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NLA-International DVP Supporters

The NLA-International DVP would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support of the NLA-International DVP bycontributing various in-kind donations to the NLA-International Domestic Violence Project:

  • Makikomi Ropeworks
  • The Power Exchange Magazine
  • The Florida Fetish Weekend
  • Revise 365
  • Informed Consent
  • Gloria Brame
  • danae