The NLA-International Domestic Violence Project wants to ensure individuals and organizations have up to date contact and intimate partner abuse information. To that end, we offer a pamphlet with a brief history of our project and the National Leather Association – International’s Statement on Domestic Violence plus 12 informative pamphlets on what abuse looks like.

Our available Pamphlet’s are as follows

NLA-I Domestic Violence Project History (Brief) and Domestic Violence Statement (PDF)

  1. Abuse vs. Healthy BDSM: Knowing The Difference (PDF)
  2. What Newcomers Should Know – Preventing Abuse Within BDSM Relationships  (PDF)
  3. Polyamorous Considerations  (PDF)
  4. Master/slave Considerations  (PDF)
  5. Considerations for Sex Workers  (PDF)
  6. Considerations for Transgender/Transsexuals  (PDF)
  7. Considerations for Submissives  (PDF)
  8. Considerations for Dominants  (PDF)
  9. Abuse Based on Size  (PDF)
  10. Abuse Based on Age  (PDF)
  11. Abuse Based on Physical Ability  (PDF)
  12. Considerations for the Deaf  (PDF)

You may click the links above to read the pamphlets on our site or click the PDF link to download a printable copy which folds into a 5.5″ x 8.5″ booklet.  If you would like to order multiple copies of our pamphlets preprinted for a nominal fee, please use the form below to request those.

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